The world has changed, long ago.

Cellphones, TVs, Computers, Screens are in Everyone’s Home.

We have accepted them, in fact it is difficult to imagine a life without them.

But what about our eyesight? In this new world not only those with visual problems need to wear glasses, it’s a matter of Primary Care, of Prevention.

We have adapted, and now All of Our Frames come with Blue Light Blocker Lenses included!*

So if you do have a prescription, or if you want to know about other kinds of lenses, such as Photochromics or High Index please let us know by filling the Form below.

If you don´t, do not worry, just order the frame and you will receive Neutral Lenses with Blue Light Blocker.

Do not complicate yourself trying to understand your prescription.

Just take a photo and upload it here, that’s easy!

How to upload your prescription? A short guide:

-Do not crop out any part of the prescription image

-Avoid unclear or blurred images

Start typing to see products you are looking for.

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