About Us

The way in which we humans exist and interact with our universe has changed drastically over the past few decades.

With the introduction of digital technology, millions of eyes around the world find themselves exposed to a new cause for concern - blue light.

Seguel Glasses was founded to give you relief from squinting at screens, so you can see and experience nature in all its glory. It is for that, we incorporated to all our Frames Blue Light Blocker Lenses.

Whether you were born with weak eyesight or if it developed over the years, and you need Prescription Glasses or you are looking to take care of your eyes without the need of a prescription we want to help you to protect your eyes, and see every color, every detail in the clearest way possible. 

Wearing glasses is not an impediment; it can’t stop you from enjoying the views in your surroundings. In the 21st century, prescription glasses wearing has increased and various trends in designs and build quality have been seen. Through our store, you get access to it all.

Purchase practical, fashionable, high quality, long-lasting glasses from Seguel Glasses, and learn to breathe with all your senses.

Take care of your Eyes.